Michael Traver

Michael Traver

President // Years with Turbo: 30 // Years in the business: 38

Mike is a true Denver native and has lived in Colorado his entire life. Mike started his print career in 1979 as a production employee. Over the next 8 years he was able to work in the bindery, prepress department and pressroom at a few of Denver’s elite print shops. He was fortunate that he was able to learn from some of the best in the business. In 1987 Mike started Turbo Press and proceeded to assemble one of the finest teams in printing. As a company, Turbo Press takes great pride in the quality of their work and service. As the owner, Mike has fun finding creative ways to keep his clients cost’s down.


Mike enjoys spending time with his family, exercise, motorcycles, ATV’s, auto racing, playing basketball with his kids, taking care of his yard and of course Bronco football.


Married to Sylvia for over 20 wonderful years, they have 3 great boys. Jesse, Travis, & Austin all participate in the business now.




Harold Traver





Harold Traver

Vice President // Years with Turbo: 30 // Years in the business: 30

Harold retired from Robinson Dairy in 1989 after working there for 37 years. Some people can retire and be perfectly happy, but he knew he wasn’t one of them. Harold likes to take a vacation every year but doesn’t want it to last for 52 weeks.

Harold helped his son Mike get Turbo Press started, mostly through financial help. When he retired from Robinson Dairy he started working at Turbo Press full time. He says “It is very gratifying to see a business do well, even in tough times.”

Besides Mike, Harold has two daughters and five grandchildren. He likes to attend as many of their school functions as he can. They have a very close family.

The two sports Harold really likes are stock car racing and mountain climbing. His cars won track championships at Englewood Speedway twice. There are 54 mountains in Colorado over 14,000 feet tall. According to the Colorado Mountain Club, Harold was the 198th person to climb all 54 of them.

Life has been very good to Harold and he hope it lasts for a long time.




Sylvia Traver,





Sylvia Traver

Treasurer // Years with Turbo: 25 // Years in the business: 35

Sylvia’s printing career started in 1982 at Metro State. Her printing experience consists of prepress, estimating and sales.


She met Mike Traver in 1983, while working in Denver. Sylvia and Mike met again in 1992, and began their wonderful family with Jesse, Travis, and Austin in 1994.


Sylvia says “Watching The Turbo Press family grow over the years has been amazing, truly a wonderful staff and a great company.”


Sylvia enjoys spending quality time with her family, being outdoors, exercise, dancing, music and basketball with our boys.

Mark Ross





Mark Ross

Plant Manager // Years with Turbo: 17 // Years in the business: 47

Mark Ross has been with Turbo Press since 2000 as the Plant Manager. Marks father Albert Ross was a pressman for Silers Printing for 30 years and worked for his Uncle, George Urbach Sr., the owner of Silers. Marks father Al met Marks mother while working there. Later Al started a printing company in the back room and garage of their home. By age 10, Mark was running and helping rebuild small duplicators for extra money.


Mark took four years of Graphic Arts through a vocational school in Westminster. He went to work for American West as a pressman for two years then moved to LK Media Group Under owner Larry Kimbriel and took a Plant manager position for the next 21 years. Henry Wurst acquired LK in 1999.


Mark moved to Turbo Press in 2000 and plans to retire from Turbo.


Awards include
1. Graphic Arts Colorado state championship competition award through the
Vocational Industrial Clubs of America.

2. Master Printing certificate through Printing Industries of America.

3. Management and Business certificates through Printing Industries of America

4. Sakurai Press electronics school diploma.

Mark's hobbies include playing drums and guitar, camping, riding ATVs, dirt bikes, building hot rods, restoring classic Volkswagons, auto body, airbrushing, auto painting, firearms, martial arts, cooking, and spending time with his lovely wife, six children, and three grand children.




Jo Needham




Jo Needham

Sales Associate // Years with Turbo: 9 years // Years in the business: 33

Jo Needham joined the Turbo Press team in 2000 as an addition to their sales force. Her many years in printing bring experience and expertise to help clients choose the best showcase for their products. Jo's "claim to fame" is that she is available to her customers anytime they need her, as her phone is never turned off.


Jo has five sons, 15 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren. Her free time is all about family.  





Rick Garnett

Rick Garnett

Project Manager // Customer Service // Years with Turbo: 15 // Years in the business: 38

Rick Garnett has worked for Turbo Press since 2002 in Sales and Customer Service. He has been in the offset printing field for over 30 years. Before coming to Turbo Press he was the Assistant Manager/Production Manager at The University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in-plant print shop for 20 years. While he was there, the shop revenues grew from $500,000 annually to $1,800,000. Before he was at UCHSC, Rick managed two quick-copy shops on the Oregon Coast for the Scripps Ifft Newspaper Corporation.


He served three years as a United States Army Green Beret and graduated from the University of Montana with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration.


Rick’s hobbies include creative writing, woodcarving and spending time with his lovely wife and two children at their home in Centennial.




Jesse Traver


Jesse Traver

Project Manager // Customer Service // Years in business: 7 // Years with Turbo: 7

Jesse started in printing while in high school. He has been working full time for Turbo press since 2011. He has experience in sales, customer service, order managing, estimating, and bindery. Jesse has plans to learn from the best and help take Turbo press into the next generation of printing.


Jesse's hobbies include working out, snowboarding, basketball, football, music, and hanging out with friends & family



Travis Traver


Travis Traver

Project Manager // Customer Service // Years in business: 4 // Years with Turbo: 4

Travis is one of Mike’s three sons. With his father being the owner, Travis has had his foot in the printing business since he was really young. He has been working full time for Turbo Press since 2013. He has experience in sales, customer service, order managing, estimating, bindery & has a great work ethic. Travis has learned from the best and has a great amount of knowledge about the printing industry. He plans to learn much more and help take Turbo Press into the next generation of printing with his two brothers, Jesse & Austin.


Travis' hobbies include working out, snowboarding, playing sports, and hanging out with friends and family.



Austin Traver


Austin Traver

Sales Associate // Project Manager // Years in business: 2 // Years with Turbo: 2

Austin is the youngest of Mike’s three sons. He has been working part time in the business since 2012, and started working full time in 2015. He has great bindery experience and excels at hand bindery work. Austin started full time sales in 2016. He is very persevering, and has the work ethic of his Dad.


Austin enjoys watching & playing basketball and football. His hobbies include snowboarding, hiking, camping, working out, playing video games, and music.






Mark Vincent

IT Manager // Customer Service // Years with Turbo: 15 // Years in business: 28

Mark has worked with Turbo Press since 2002 as the IT manager and has worked in the printing industry for over 20 years. He has also worked as a customer service representative for the digital printing department at Turbo Press since 2005.


Mark combines knowledge of printing with years of computer troubleshooting experience. His attention to detail helps catch errors before they become costly printing mistakes.


Mark owns a computer consulting business serving individuals and small companies. He strives to demystify technology and make it practical to the average computer user

Tommy Hunter




Tommy Hunter

Pressman // Years with Turbo: 24 // Years in the business: 29

Tommy has been with Turbo Press since 1993 as a pressman. He currently runs our Sakuri 5-color press with coater. He has been in printing since 1988. His printing career started at Warren Tech vocational school for printing technology. Upon graduating, he worked for Pip printing for three years and then moved to Turbo Press.


Besides printing, he enjoys his family, art, and music.


Tony Piety



Tony Piety

Pressman // Years with Turbo: 18 // Years in the business: 45

Tony strives to be the very best employee he can be and to do the best he can with what the good Lord gives him each and every day. Tony’s education in graphic arts began with his father at their family-owned printing company in Los  Angeles, California. Tony worked with his father for the first 13 years of his career.  He began as a shop helper/driver and then began his training in bindery operations and small press. Tony continued to work and become proficient in all areas of operation’s which included concept and creation, estimation of cost, layout and prep, press work (large and small format), and most phases of bindery and finishing.


Tony and his family volunteer at the Denver Rescue mission. They enjoy dinning out, movies, concerts, swimming at the local reservoir, bike riding, travel and spending time at church.


Tony’s hobbies include listening to music, playing electric guitar, playing acoustic guitar, recording music, home improvement and collecting antiques with his wife.




Reed Evans

Prepress Technician // Years with Turbo: 30 // Years in the business: 51

Reed has been with Turbo Press since it's inception. He began his career at the age of 16 as a press operator in his father’s in-plant facility: Special Products in Golden, Colorado. He then enrolled at Denver University and was accepted as a staff member of DRI-Denver Research Institute Publications.


After college, Reed owned a bookbinding & publishing company and two printing companies. His expertise extends from prepress to management, production, sales & marketing and all facets of printing.


Reed enjoys golfing, waterskiing, boating and spending time with his family. He has been married since 1978 and has a daughter who is a ICU Trauma nurse at St. Anthony’s and a son-in-law who is K-9 officer with the Lafayette Police Department. They have blessed him with two wonderful grandsons.







Eric Wagner

Prepress Technician // Digital Press Operator // Years with Turbo: 15
Years in the business: 38

Eric has been with the prepress department at Turbo Press since 2002 and has over 30 years experience in the printing industry's transition from "hot lead" into the digital age. His background includes the skilled trades of: color separator, halftone camera operator, platemaker, and stripping for both web and sheet-fed companies.


Eric is married to Taffy and is the father of twins Erica and Cody. His hobbies include biking, skiing and bowling.

Glenn Tuner

Glenn Turner

Prepress Technician // Years with Turbo: 2 // Years in the business: 27

Glenn has been a prepress technician for over 25 years and brings great experience and hard work to the Turbo Press team. Having a background in graphic design, he is able to ascertain the intent of a designer to make sure the final printed piece is exactly what the designer and/or customer intended. Because of his extensive use and knowledge of most graphic design programs popular today, he has learned tricks and short cuts that he is happy to share with the customers of Turbo Press.


Married for over 20 years to Kimberly and a proud father of four sons.




Daniel Hamilton

Bindery Supervisor // Years with Turbo: 13 // Years in the business: 30

Daniel started working in printing after being honorably discharged from the US Army in 1987. His first job was in the bindery department at LK Printing under Mark Ross. He then moved on to Miller Press for over 6 years, and finally moved to Turbo Press in 2004.


Daniel’s hobbies include 4x4ing with his Jeep in the mountains, fishing & camping, and Broncos football. Daniel does auto and home maintenance work on the weekends.


He has been married over 20 years to Jacqueline. They have two daughters, Cadie & Hannah, and a dog Tonka.

Kyne Hamilton




Kyne Hamilton

Bindery Technician // Years with Turbo: 1 // Years in the business: 8

Kyne started working in printing as a young kid helping his father and uncle. He is the newest member to join the Turbo Press team and works under his uncle Daniel in the bindery department. He plans on staying for the long haul.


Kyne loves to spend time outdoors with his wife and kids. His hobbies include a passion for music and of course the Denver Broncos!


Kyne is happily married to Nikkie and has three kids: Kahlynn, Mason and Deegan.




Mike Cook

Pressman // Years with Turbo: 14 // Years in the business: 39

Mike has lived in Denver for a long time and he came to work to work for Turbo Press in 2003, working the evening shift. Mike has a long and colorful history in the printing business. He has seen numerous changes in his many years in the industry. Mike started out as a teenager working in his father’s print shop. 


Mike likes to catch lots of great fish with his hand-tied flies. He also spends his daylight hours working or cruising around in his antique cars. Because his hobbies require daylight hours, an evening shift is perfect for him.

Carol Worland

Receptionist // Years with Turbo: 9 // Years in the business: 9

Carol Worland came to Turbo Press in January 2008 after retiring from a 25 plus year career as an Outside Salesperson in the Solid Waste Industry.  Carol was not ready to be a fully retired person and stay at home full time.  In her part-time position (which she dearly loves) she answers the phone and works with the customers to be sure their wants and needs are taken care of.  The other part of her job consists of her working with our Paper Vendors in all matters of billing, returns and general problems that exist in our daily operations.


Carol has been married to Don Eicher for 10 years and has 2 daughters of her own, and 2 stepdaughters and 1 stepson from Don’s previous marriage.  They are blessed to have 6 grandchildren between them 2 girls, 4 boys, ages 19 to 13 years old.  These grandchildren are the light of her life and she often says that if she knew being a Grandmother would be so much fun she would have just skipped having her own daughters.


Carol loves to cook and entertain, go places with her husband in their 36 Ford Street Rod, volunteer at her church spend and time with her family.  She has a large circle of friends and associates from many years in the community.






Jessica Fairbanks


Jack Ehrman

Sales Associate // Years with Turbo: 11 // Years in the business: 59

Jack Ehrman’s printing career spans over six decades and with his vast experience from estimating to ownership to printing sales, Jack is the person you  want on your team to produce your printing project.


Jack attended a printing trade high school in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Upon graduation, Jack entered the military and served in the Korean war.  Upon his return, he married his lovely wife Ann.  When their first child was born, they moved to Denver where Jack worked for several local printers.  Jack started his own company out of three bankrupt printing companies in 1984, and it was called Phoenix Press, hence the logo, a Phoenix bird rising from the ashes.  His son Michael, daughter, Sherri, and his other two sons, Ted and Rick, also worked with him.  He also owned a printing company in Colorado Springs called Colortek.  Jack sold these companies in 1994.  His three sons and also a daughter-in-law are all still in the business.


Jack took some time off then Mike Traver asked him to come and sell printing for Turbo Press.  Jack is very consultative in his approach to printing sales and with his extensive estimating background he is able to help you figure out cost effective ways to produce your projects.  Customer service is very important to Jack and you see very few sales reps who still come out and personally go over your proofs and projects with you.


Jack likes to spend time with his grandchildren, making wine with his son, Michael, going fishing and taking care of his beautiful yard with his wife of over 50 years.




Jessica Fairbanks


Jim Cassell

Driver // Years with Turbo: 4 // Years in the business: 4

Jim retired after 30 years in retail management.  During those years he was very successful, which enabled him to retire at a young age.  Finding himself bored Jim took a delivery job at Turbo Press.  Jim’s delivery job is important because he is last contact with the customer. 


Jim enjoys hunting, fishing, golf, and vacationing with his beautiful wife.




Gary Malpiede




Gary Malpiede

Pressman // Years with Turbo: 9 // Years in the business: 38

Gary was born, raised and educated in the Denver area. He is a third generation Malpiede, a rare thing in Colorado’s transient population.


Gary was in the printing business for 38 years, the last seven of those years at Turbo Press.


Gary has two daughters and many dogs.  He lives in the mountains at Bailey where he can enjoy the beauty of the state and the outdoors.