We Recycled Before it was the Cool Thing to do

Turbo Press is extremely proud of our environmentally friendly practices. We started recycling well before it was the cool thing to do. Responsible recycling of spent inks and solvents to aluminum plates and paper has always been a priority. Green has been on our minds for the past 20 years. Using low VOC inks and the elimination of alcohol while maintaining a high quality product is an accomplishment we are very proud of.

With several trips to US paper mills under our belt, we saw that responsible forestry was a top priority for them as well. With the planting and harvesting being lopsided to the planting side at three to one, we felt comfortable that responsible forestry was in full swing. It only makes good business sense for the paper manufacturing process.

We at Turbo Press encourage recycled papers above all other forestry certifications. Although Forest Service Certified papers are a good practice we feel recycling paper has a far greater impact on reducing the waste in landfills than any of the other green movements. The reuse of paper seems like a far superior approach than any other alternatives.

Paper is a renewable resource that will return to the pulp state it was derived. The computer on the other hand will sit on this earth till the end of time.

We are dedicated to a healthy earth for our children and their children. Please join us.